Accelerate people performance using incentives

Incentive software that rewards employees and customers for hitting sales targets, completing online training, feedback and much more.

How Kademi can help

Kademi's incentive framework gives customers incredible flexibility to configure different types of incentive programs that reward and recognize employees and customers in different ways, helping drive business growth.

Increase sales growth

Experience how Kademi customers are achieving 30%+ year on year sales growth launching sales incentive programs.

Change buying behavior

Nurture and drive advocacy with your customers by targeting incentives that connect with key decision makers.

Motivate sales teams

Rewards top performing sales teams and encourage them to go beyond the call of duty and get results.

Reward engagement

Create deeper engagement with your customers by rewarding other forms of activity including training, referrals and providing feedback.

Different ways to incentivize

Using Kademi you’ll be able to incentivize many different types of behaviours online and offline which can include:

Sales transactions

Incentivize individuals and teams for selling or buying your product. 


Increase course completions by incentivizing learning outcomes.

Making a referral

Give sales partners a reason to refer your company to others.

Provide feedback

Incentivize customers for providing feedback on your company.

Calculate payouts

Using Kademi’s powerful reward engine you’ll be able to track how individuals and teams perform then calculate payouts.

Point engine rules

Loyalty points can be calculated and paid-out for any type of interaction or sales transaction.

Key performance indicators

Setup different types of KPIs and targets which calculate payouts when they are achieved. 

Loyalty tiers

Setup loyalty tiers so you can give back more to customers as they level-up to higher tiers. 


Rank and reward top performing individuals and teams using leaderboards.

Results driven rewards 

Recognize and reward your employees and customers in different ways for achieving sales targets, goals and engaging with your business. 

Online points store

A great way for participants in your programs to spend their points for mechancise and digital rewards.

Cash payouts

Automatically deposit cash to debit cards and bank accounts.


Acknowledge and give kudos to high achievers by awarding personalized badges.

Customer benefits

Offer favourable payment terms, early access to new products and preferred partner discounts. 

Show your customers they’re valued 

We work with global partners to provide you a range of reward options to offer in your incentive programs.

Launch targeted promotions

Supercharge your incentive programs by launching targeted sales promotions that connect with the right people. 

Choose promotions types

Using Kademi you’ll get to pick from a list of promotion types that include sales incentive rules, checkout discounts and vouchers.

Target individuals and regions

Sales promotions can be targeted to individuals, teams, organizations, regions and entire countries. 

Target product lines

Setup sales promotions that target specific product lines.

Create promotion content

Design engaging promotional landing pages using Kademi’s drag and drop content editor. 

Automate success using journeys

Set up automated journeys that  engage participants in programs and nurture them to achieve goals.

Goals can include hitting sales targets or completing online training. When goals are not achieved, each journey uses smart decision nodes to automatically engage each participant in a personalized way, nurturing them to achieve each goal.

Connect with more participants
Personalize the experience
Scale programs
Improve program efficiencies   

Different types of incentive programs you can launch using Kademi.

Trade Loyalty Program

Reward trade customers loyalty points for purchasing your product where points can be used to redeem merchandise and digital rewards in a store.

Sales Performance Program

Set sales targets for teams to achieve each period.  When targets are achieved award points for use in a reward store, or payout cash to debit cards.

Sales Claim Program

When you can’t get access to sales data from your channel, get salespeople to upload a claim you can approve before rewarding the sale.

Channel Engagement Program

Combine together a range of features including sales targets, training, rewards and channel communications into a single program.

Training & Rewards Program

Reward employees and channel partners for completing online training which can award badges, certificates or points for use in a reward store.

Years Of Service Program

Recognize employees and customers for length of service or their loyalty by surprising and delighting them at annual milestones. 

"Using Kademi we were able to increase a customers sales growth by 35% year on year."

Adam Whatling

Appreciate Group (UK partner)

Other key program results included:

  • Engaged 7,500+ restaurants
  • 12 million sales transactional over a 3 month campaign
  • Managed complex product hierarchy containing over 1 million SKU codes
  • Forecast to deliver 1.8m in rewards where points were calculated using Kademi's points engine 
  • Over 15% of customers purchasing habits changed to buy from a new / previously never traded in category (made possible using Kademi's sales promotion engine)
  • 80% reduction in online contact form queries through automated Chat bot 
  • Average weekly spend / basket value increased by £42.00 for engaged users during campaign

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